Aluminum is a light in weight, strong and silvery white colored metal. It has an ‘Al’ symbol and is from the boron group. Besides that this metal under normal conditions is not soluble in water. As much as this metal is light it will sink in water. The density of aluminum stands at 2.7 g/mL which shows that it can sink. Because of its density this metal has a variety of uses as can be seen below.

The most common use of this metal is its uses in the manufacture of cans and foils. Due its properties that involves being made into thin sheets allows this metal to be thinned into aluminum foil and also moderately thicker sheets which are used to make cans.

Most kitchen utensils are made of aluminum, from spoons to cooking pans and also there are plates that are made of aluminum. This is because of its good conductivity of heat and also its untrusting qualities. But to achieve this it is combined with stainless steal.

In most industrial applications that require a light but strong material, aluminum is the best choice. I most storage facilities in such industries it is the only material used in making the storage facilities making it the most sought after metal.

It is also used in the manufacture of electricity wires. Although it has a low electrical conductivity than copper it is commonly used in the electrical transmission lines due to its lightness properties and also its price as compared to copper.

Its alloys with other metals are very vital in the manufacture of modern airplanes and rockets. It is one of the light but strong metals that are commonly used in the airplane factories and rocket making industries. To add on that it is used in the manufacture of planes and rockets because it can not react with air.

In conclusion, the density of aluminum makes this metal one of the metals that has very many uses ranging from industrial uses to domestic uses. This makes it the one of the most sought after metals.

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